martedì 10 luglio 2007

FREEDIN! Esecuzione sospesa per ora!

The immediate execution of Mohiuddin “Din” Ahmed
has been stopped for now!

Due to the extraordinary efforts by supporters from all over the world Din’s appeal to his jailer, to stop his execution, was accepted.

We are 100% sure that everyone’s efforts on Din’s behalf these last few months had an strong influence on the current government of Bangladesh and those efforts allowed Din to write a one and a half page handwritten letter to the warden of his jail, asking not to be executed. Thankfully that letter was accepted and sent to the Bangladesh Supreme Court.

At some unknown time in the future we expect the Supreme Court to decide if Din has the right to appeal his death sentence.

We are currently weighing the pros and cons of trying to reopen Din’s 1996 trial under the current political climate of Bangladesh.

Now the most pressing need is to get Din’s wife, Hena, back to Bangladesh so that she can see her husband and continue to fight there on his behalf.

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